candidasa tour package

Candidasa Tour Package

Candidasa Tour Package To Visit Destination in East of Bali

Candidasa Tour Package

Candidasa Tour Package

Candidasa Bali is a wonderful destination you need to visit during holiday in Bali. It is a perfect holiday destination in east of Bali. There are many things to do include in Candidasa tour package that you can find in this island. One of them is Candidasa. This coastal town is located in eastern Bali. it is about around 95 minutes reach from the Bali airport. This town is not as crowded as Kuta or Denpasar. It is very suitable for you who want to spend holiday in a more sedate Bali destination. Candidasa covers several areas from village of Manggis to Bugbug. This town offers you with great hotels, restaurants, and various tourist attractions. It is also close to other popular holiday destinations. If you are interested to spend your holiday in this beautiful coastal town, you must check Candidasa tour package include on your holiday around Candidasa Bali.

Bukit Asah The Beautiful Hill in Bugbug Village

Bukit Asah Bugbug

Bukit Asah Bugbug

Bukit Asah is gorgeous place. It is located in Bugbug village, Karangasem. To reach this area, you can go by car or ride motorbike or just find Candidasa driver to bring you there. Once you park your car or motorbike, you need to climb up the hill. It takes about 15 minutes to climb it. At the top, you will be welcomed by a spectacular view.

Bukit Asah hill is facing gorgeous blue sea. Holiday makers can enjoy various things to do in Bukit Asah. One of them is watching sunrise or sunset. The top of Bukit Asah is a perfect destination in Bali to watch sunset and sunrise. You can seat comfortably on the grass covered area to enjoy this spectacular view. You can also go camping at this hill. It is perfect if you want to watch the sunrise and don’t want to miss it. When you are at the top of this hill, you can enjoy lovely sea panorama with a small island called ‘hiu Island’.

Bukit Asah is not crowded with holiday makers. It is quiet and serene. Most of the visitors are locals. They love to have hiking at Bukit Asah. This beautiful hill top is perfect for you who need to escape to a gorgeous and peaceful place.

Make Sure Visit Pantai Bias Putih Include on Candidasa Tour Package

Pantai Bias Putih

Pantai Bias Putih

Pantai Bias Putih Bugbug known as virgin beach Bali is also located in Bugbug village, Karangasem. This beach is a virgin and hidden beauty. You only need 10 minute ride from Candidasa to visit this gorgeous. Since it stretches between Bukit Asah and Perasi Hill, you can check out this beach while visiting Bukit Asah. This clean each with striking panorama will make a perfect holiday.

These day Pantai Bias Putih is getting more crowded. However, it is not as crowded as Sanur Beach or Kuta Beach. This beach becomes more popular because its gentle white sand beach, blue sea water, cleanliness, and calm atmosphere. When you are at this beach, you can enjoy various activities in Pantai Bias Putih Bugbug. You can rent a boat and go sailing. When you are sailing, you can take get a closer look on ‘Hiu Island’. This beach also offers you with under-the-sea beauty. To witness this beauty, you can book a snorkeling tour. The snorkeling spot is only around 5 meters from the beach. At this spot, you will be capable of enjoying colorful fish and stunning coral.

If you are tired and simply want to enjoy the beach beauty, you can relax on one of the recliners at this beach. The beach is hot and sunny. But the beach umbrella will shade you from the sun when you are relaxing at your recliner.

Tenganan Village With The Unique Balinese Culture

Tenganan Village

Tenganan Village

Tenganan Village or also known as Tenganan Pegrisingan village is an ancient people. It is quite popular among holiday makers to visit ancient Balinese village with strong Bali Aga culture. And one of them is Tenganan Village. This area is located at the hills about 4 km from Candidasa. Most tourists are recommended to include  Candidasa tour package to visit this village rather than other Bali Aga villages. It is because Tenganan Pegrisingan community is friendlier to visitors than Trunyan village is.

The people who live in Tenganan village still hold their original culture and rules. Modern culture and technology don’t affect their life. This village is very isolated. It is surrounded by stone wall. Tenganan people are not allowed to marry people outside their village. Those who were born outside this village are not allowed to live in it. However, they are pretty friendly to outsiders.

When you are at Tenganan, you will see unique and ancient architecture. Tenganan community is famous for its woven basket ware. It is said that the woven basket ware from this village is the finest one. This village is also popular with its production of double ikat woven fabric. This colorful fabric has unique patterns. It is usually used in certain religious ceremony of Tenganan culture.

Tirta Gangga Water Palace

Tirta Gangga Bali

Tirta Gangga Bali

Another interesting Candidasa tour package is visiting Tirta Gangga Water Palace is gorgeous and unique. It used to be a royal water palace. But, it is open for public now. It is located 5 km from Karangasem. Tirta Gangga Water Palace was built in 1948. It was designed by the last Karangasem King, Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangsem. This architecture style of this royal water palace is a combination of Balinese architecture and Chinese architecture. This 1.2-hectare garden has three complexes. Each of them is located separately. The one located at the highest level consists of a king residence. You can also find bungalow units and a restaurant at this complex. The mid-level complex has a swimming pool. And the one located at the lowest level has several ponds, fountains, and beautiful sculpture.

The water in this royal water garden is considered as holy water. It is usually used for traditional ceremonies. Certain religious ceremonies are held in this water palace. You can watch this ceremony in spring. When you are at Tirta Gangga Water Palace, you can see stunning rural areas around it. The fresh and cool atmosphere in this garden will help you feel much more relaxed. If you want something other than a beach holiday, visiting Tirta Gangga garden will be a great alternative.

Taman Ujung Water Palace

Taman Ujung Bali

Taman Ujung Bali

Another water palace that must be visited during your Candidasa tour package is Taman Ujung Water Palace. It is also known as Sukasada Park or Taman Ujung. Similar to Tirta Gangga, this water palace was also built by the last king of Karangsem Kingdom. Taman Ujung is rich with a combination of Balinese and European architecture. Aside from the beauty of its architecture, it has a magnificent backdrop. It has sea backdrop to the southwest and mountainous background at the north.

Taman Ujung Water Palace is about 10 ha large. There are three pools at this water garden. The first pool was built in 1901. It is called Dirah Pool. This water palace also consists of pavilions. One of them is a floating pavilion named Gili Bale. This royal water palace offers you with a combination of nature beauty and manmade beauty.

The manmade beauty and grandeur of this garden was almost entirely damaged in 1963. At that time, Mount Agung exploded and cause severe damage. Earthquake in 1979 has caused some damage of this garden. However, the government has successfully reconstructed this water palace and restored it into a wonderful garden like today.

When you have finished exploring Candidasa Bali, you can continue your Candidasa tour package to see Kertha Gosa Pavillion. This old architecture masterpiece is very spectacular. lead by Donald provides you Candidasa tour service with professional driver. Please contact us for more information.

Candidasa Tour

Candidasa Tour Package Itinerary

Candidasa tour itinerary will take about 8 to 10 hours. We will visit some popular Bali destination including visit Goa lawah temple, Tenganan trditional village, Taman Ujung and Tirta Gangga. Our friendly and experienced driver will guide you.

Tour start at 08.00 (Our driver will pick up at your hotel)
Tour finish at 18.00 (will be arrive at your hotel)

Goa Lawah Temple:
Goa Lawah is found in Krungkungan. This is the cave temple reside by lots of bat. Just about 100 meters from the beach we are going to see all the area of Goa lawah Temple

Tenganan Village :
Tenganan Village is known as Bali aga village. They have the strong traditional lifestyle and daily routines. Located about 10 minute drive from Candidasa beach. Tenganan has the traditioan cloth call kain gringsing

Taman Ujung Water Palace:
Taman Ujung is located in Karangasem just 5 minute from the City. The unique construction and beautiful sightseeing. Many people use this place for for wedding photography.

Tirta Gangga Water Palace:
Tirta Gangga is one of the popular waterpark in Bali. Located just about 25 minutes from the City of Karangase. you can see the rice terrace and the beautiful water park.

Taman Harmoni Bukit Asah:
Taman Harmoni Bukit Asah is located in Bugbug village has an amazing sightseeing. After seeing Taman Harmoni Bali Bukit Asah we can going down to virgin beach enjoy the white sand Beach.

IDR 700.000 Type of car: Suzuki APV, Toyota Avanza, (Maximum for 7 people)
Include: driver, Petrol and mineral water Exclude: Entrance fee and food.
Pay when our driver pick you up
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