Things to do in Candidasa Bali to Complete Your Journey

Things to do in Candidasa with Mr Donald
Things to do in Candidasa with Mr Donald

Before start your activity in Candidasa, lets have relax first at Mr Donald’s house to have free coffee break. and then will do the best things to do in Candidasa. Lets us make your holiday in Bali more valuable. Few peoples, who had no familiar with Bali or rarely visit Bali, may be unfamiliar with the Candidasa. For many people who familiar or often trip to Bali may familiar with the Candidasa Bali. Candidasa often called as the island which “retreat in the east”. This place is very suit for visitor or tourist who wants to enjoy the quite place from Bali. When you visit the Candidasa, you can see the green nature hilesides and rice terraces with the amazing scenery. Many Things to do in Candidasa is providing to help you exploring the Candidasa. You able to get water activities as well.

Donald is a local Candidasa driver offers you the best Candidasa tour package including to see the top tourist destination around Candidasa or Bali.

Our Best Things to do in Candidasa for your holiday:

Candidasa Ocean Activities Candidasa Trekking Candidasa Cycling


Gumang hill trekking

Bukit Asah Hill trekking

Kastala village trekking

Cycling around Candidasa