Bali Tour Guide Travel Tips for Beginner Traveler

Candidasa Bali Driver
Candidasa Bali Driver

If you are planning to go to Bali this holiday, then read this Bali tour guide especially if you are first time beginner traveler to Bali. Everyone knows that Bali is paradise for those who want to rest and relax from hard work and enjoy your time. Here the tips below will help you to get better prepare when you visiting the God Island.

Bali tour guide Arrived, Stayed, and departure

For visit Bali, there is 30 day Visa on Arrival that provided for foreign travelers to Bali. Ensure you prepare US dollar cash or local equivalent cash. The accommodation in Bali is widely range options. It ranges from backpacker budget into luxurious beachfront hotels and resorts. If you want to save your budget, then you can choose inn and guests houses.

Take attention for wild animals and the strays. There is several travel destinations that offer you best experience with wild animals and the strays directly such as Kintamani tour with their monkeys and dogs. The animals might look cute, but this is source for rabies and other diseases that serious for take.

Bali Destination

Choose where the best place for stay in Bali is. Make your research and find the best place to stay. Location such as Candidasa Bali is great place if you travel with families. This town gives you best access to themed park and hotels, shopping district, and many other tourist attractions. If this town is too crowded, you can spread move to Seminyak or Legian area. These towns are quitter and it also offers private villas for you. Move to beyond town, there are Uluwatu and Canggu that gives you view of rice field, and Nusa Dua gives surfer tourist their favorite waves with clearly water beach. For culture stay, you can go to Ubud village. Ubud is place for knowing further about Balinese people custom and traditional.


This Bali tour guide is how to travel with convenient, comfort and efficient, the best is pre-arranging the driver for you or you can choose taxies. Remember when you choose taxies, usually they take premium rental if you go from airport contract. Therefore, it is important for you to bargain with them. The key for saving your taxies cost is always ask them for turning on meters that will avoid you from unnecessary bargaining after end the journey. Instead, you can choose scooter rental.

Culture Bali tour guide

Respect to the religious culture in Bali. The traditional custom becomes the important rules for Bali citizens. Read about general custom in Bali before you go or ask your guide or local if you hesitate for dressing or behave when you are in certain situations or location. Always conduct appropriately when you go to temples and Bali holy sites. Dress in modestly that cover your knees and shoulders in certain places.

In Bali, you will get the best experience for enjoy your holiday. The Bali tour guide experience you get is depend to part of this island that you choose to visit, knowing the expectation for when and where you visit. What do you need to avoid with traditional culture in Bali and how to behave in Island. Our Candidasa Bali driver can help you to enjoy your holiday starting from accommodation, transportation and well maintenance car to make you happy.