Kastala Village Trekking

Kastala Village Trekking

The other amazing trek is Kastala. Usually, you will pass the Tenganan to Kastala for your trek paths. You will bring new experience with this Kastala trek. You able to trough the green forest then enjoy the rice terrace with the beautiful field surrounding your trek. You able to observe directly from farmer activities. Your guide will give you the memorable journey during your trekking activities in Kastala trek.

We may take around 3 hours from these trekking activities. You may start from the Tenganan village to see the unique origin culture from Bali that still exist, the ceremonies, old rules of Bali and see the unique architecture of village. You will walk up to the top of hills then you will meet with the amazing scenery in front of your eyes. You also pass the rice field then through the rivers, green rice field until you reach the Kastala village. After you finish your trek activity, you can enjoy your lunch in some restaurants that give you beautiful look as well. you will get the beautiful memory with the different features from your Kastala trek activity. You will guide with the experience guider that provide your with your needed information.


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