We offer Trekking in Candidasa

Trekking in Candidasa
Trekking in Candidasa

Anther things to do in Candidasa that you can do is trekking in Candidasa with some interesting places. Candidasa trekking offers you amazing experience for any visitors. You start from the short distance from the Kastala village then you start walk to across the bamboo bridge before you reach the harder trek between the rice fields, Gumang trekking with the beautiful Balinese Temple and Bukit Asah with the beautiful sightseeing. You also can enjoy the nature green jungle with the guide that will company you. You can enjoy the fresh fruit for your breakfast and another plant that you never meet before. Along with your trekking in Candidasa, you will see the farmers start to ploughing with buffalos, or you can try to bring the ramshake of grain and just take a break time.

Several trekking place in Candidasa:

Gumang hill trekking

Bukit Asah Hill trekking

Kastala village trekking