We Offer You Snorkeling In Candidasa

Snorkeling in Candidasa

Another best things to do in Candidasa is snorkeling. As we know that Bali also famous with the snorkeling place that spread around Bali. Snorkeling In Candidasa is famous with the beautiful ocean ones and becomes one with the bright color fishes. The reef also beautiful as well, you can see many color corals in your snorkeling activity.There are famous place for snorkeling in Candidasa, they are:

The first is the Gili Tekepong. Gili Tekepong is Small Island that has the very nice corals and bright color fishes, so this place is very suitable for your snorkeling.

The second place is the Blue Lagoon. This place becomes the best place for snorkeling in Bali. You may take around 45 minutes from Candidasa with the fisher boat. The depth is around 1,5 meters and you can see the beautiful scenery of underwater. You can give some bread then the hundred of bright fishes will surround you.

The third place is Pantai Bias Putih Bugbug known as Virgin Beach. This beach has quite and relax nuance. Just few peoples who know this beach so this place is suit for snorkeling and sun bathing.


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